What is an Independent Taco Franchise?

A revolutionary new street taco franchise is ready for the national spotlight

Americans love tacos – in fact, we eat over 4.5 billion tacos every year. We love tacos so much that we’ve renamed a day of the week after them, given them their own Netflix show, and users of dating apps use tacos as a litmus test to determine if they should swipe right or left.

But while our love affair with tacos is stronger than ever, the other thing Americans love just as much when it comes to their food is innovation and adventure.

And the booming $62+ billion Mexican QSR segment is ready for a shakeup. Too many brands offer the same version of the same product. Where is the sense of adventure? The drive to be different? The desire to stand out?

The 62 billion Mexican restaurant industry is booming What is Independent Taco

Enter Independent Taco – the street taco franchise that’s bringing new life to the Mexican QSR landscape.

“Now is a really exciting time to invest in an Independent Taco franchise,” says Hunter Brown, Board Chair. “In the Mexican QSR segment, there really isn’t a national brand that’s focusing on street tacos, which is a trend that’s really become mainstream. If you’re an entrepreneur with a passion for Mexican food, Independent Taco is a great way to stand out from the crowd. We’ve proven the business model works, we’ve dialed in the unit-level economics, and we’ve invested in the support infrastructure necessary for our franchise owners to thrive. We’re ready to win and we’re looking forward to franchising with entrepreneurs who want to get in early and build something meaningful together.”

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The right street taco franchise at the right time

It might surprise you to learn that while our taco obsession has never been higher, there aren’t a lot of national brands focused solely on street tacos.

Fast, delicious, and extremely versatile, street tacos are quickly becoming the food trend that Americans cannot get enough of – and Independent Taco is both elevating this class dish to the star of our menu, while taking the street taco where it’s never gone before.

For example, while Independent Taco offers the traditional adobo chicken and carnitas tacos, we also have items that showcase our foodie sensibilities, such as our Nashville hot chicken tacos or our cheeseburger taco.

“There’s so much excitement not only around street tacos right now, and the fact that we’re able to put our own spin on a classic dish has really helped us create a strong brand identity and build a wildly enthusiastic fanbase in a short amount of time,” says Jerrod Seivers, Director of Brand Innovation of Independent Taco. “This is a brand that is built by and for foodies. We’re passionate about food, not only about creating innovative products, but also making everything in-house and never cutting corners in terms of the quality. Our customers are rewarding us every step of the way and we’re excited to continue to grow our audience as we expand across the country.”

And it’s more than just street tacos. We also offer bowls, burritos, quesadillas, and the create-your-own level of customization that today’s consumers expect. Independent Taco is also proud to offer a wide range of vegetarian and vegan options.

In short, we have something for everyone.

“We’re all about cancelling the no vote,” Jerrod says. “Our customers all have their own preferences and favorites – and we make sure that we can cater to every individual. It’s all a part of our brand. Independent Taco is all about freedom for the consumer to try something new or to order something they know they’ll love. We’re happy to be able to offer something that everyone will enjoy.”

The success of our franchise owners is paramount

Independent Taco is committed to helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams of small business ownership. We want you to gain the independence that comes with taking your future into your own hands and building something for yourself.

But you won’t do it alone.

“Independent Taco is a brand that puts franchisee success first,” says George Athanasiadis, CEO. “The reason why we decided to franchise is because everyone on the executive team is passionate about entrepreneurship – it’s in our DNA. By investing so significantly in technology, in training and in leadership from the beginning shows that we’re serious about franchisee success. If you share our entrepreneurial drive, we want to have a bright future together.”

We’ve created one of the best training and ongoing support platforms in the entire franchise industry. Even more importantly, because Independent Taco is a new franchise system, our new franchise owners will learn directly from our executive team. You will get professional development and ongoing coaching from the very people who know what it takes to run and scale a taco franchise, because they’ve done it themselves.

“In my career in franchising, I’ve never seen a brand that’s as committed to the success of our franchise owners as Independent Taco,” Hunter says. “We’ve invested in best-in-class technology right away – which is rare for emerging brands – and makes our franchise owners hyper-competitive right out of the gate. For example, our POS system is Toast, which is absolutely best-in-class and allows our franchise owners to leverage third-party, omni-channel delivery from day one.”

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