Why Independent Taco Stands Out

Independent Taco franchise is capitalizing on the nation’s love of Mexican food with a wildly original menu

When you discover a new place on the map, you mark that place with a star. When a guest walks into an Independent Taco franchise location for the first time, they see an enormous star on the wall.

They know that they’re in for an experience they can’t get anywhere else.

The reason why we’re so different is because we started out different. Independent Taco was created by foodie entrepreneurs with a passion for global cuisine, unique flavor profiles, and of course, street tacos. They created a brand that elevates the street taco to the star of the show, while taking it places that it’s never gone before. The result is a truly memorable experience that you will crave over and over again, because there’s simply nothing else like it.

“Life revolves around food for us,” says Jerrod Seivers, Director of Brand Innovation of Independent Taco. “There’s a lot of great Mexican QSR brands, and they do a perfectly good job at producing the same kind of menu. We wanted to stand out and do something different. We love food and we’re nerds about food trends – and our menu reflects that. For example, nothing is bigger than Nashville hot chicken right now, and that’s a flavor combination that’s perfect on a taco. If you want something wild, you can get it here, but if you want something traditional, we excel at that too. We have something for everyone.”

Americans eat 4.5 billion tacos every year Independent Taco franchise

We’re cancelling the “no” vote

We’ve all been there. You’re with your friends and family, and no one can decide on where to eat. One person might want a cheeseburger, while another might want vegan, and another still might want a place that offers a healthy spin on comfort food.

Independent Taco is the end to this struggle for good.

Our menu is designed to cancel out the no vote. When we say we have something for everyone, we truly mean it. Our menu offers everything from chef-inspired street tacos that bring together unique flavor profiles to the ability to create your own tacos exactly to your liking. We have a wide variety of vegan options, including vegan cheeses, and we have items that can fit with any lifestyle choice or dietary preference. From the decadent to the diet-friendly, Independent Taco is a place where everyone can find something to love.

And our ability to satisfy everyone doesn’t mean we cut corners in terms of quality. On the contrary, everything we do is made fresh in-house, from our queso to our salsas and beyond, and everything’s made-to-order.

“Being foodies, we have really high standards,” Jerrod says. “We’re absolutely committed to the highest quality ingredients and we take pride in making everything fresh daily. We might be different in the Mexican QSR category, but it’s a difference you can taste.”

Our culture makes us special

Independent Taco is a brand committed to people. Whether it’s our franchise family, taking care of our customers, or providing a great place to work for our employees, Independent Taco is a place where everyone matters, where every voice is heard, and where we work together to do exceptional things.

This is why we’re so focused on who we’re choosing to bring on as new franchise owners. We want to franchise with people who truly care and want to leave the world a better place.

“Independent Taco is driven by our values,” says Tim Seivers, President of Independent Taco. “We want our franchise owners to become successful. The more successful you become, the bigger the impact you can have. This is a brand that’s about doing right by people, taking care of people, and being good stewards of our communities. These might be old-fashioned values, but they’re values that create incredible things. If you share our passion and our drive to win, we want to talk to you.”

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